" A place for everything, everything in its place " Lemas Holiday Bungalow is the best place to enjoy your holiday with an extreme tranquil feeling that you ever deserve. Lemas Holiday Bungalow situated in the beautiful NuwaraEliya, Sri Lanka. Picturesque atmosphere with a pollution free moist mountain air will make your stay a significant experience at Lemas. During the Stay at Lemas you will be able to feel the relaxation pleasure and glory of nature with a high class service and amenities. We at Lemas, wish to comfort you with a cozy home away from home feel with respect and care.

Nuwara Eliya

Interactive activities for you to make your stay more interesting

Nuwareliya, being the little England of Sri Lanka allows you to rediscover and take pleasure from the simple things in life such as the fragrances of the countryside. To delight your relaxation senses throughout the stay the city gives you wonderful surprises. You may set out on a hiking adventure to determine miracles of Natural surroundings. Victoria Park is an attractive and well-used sanctuary, popular with birdwatchers at quieter times. Lake Gregory is one of the major tourist attractions which allow visitors to go boating and rowing. One of the characteristic features of NuwaraEliya's countryside is the prevalent growing of vegetables, fruits and flowers. The slow-growing tea bushes of this moorland zone produce some of the world's finest tea. Haggala Botanical Garden is another wonderful experience you may deserve as it is the highest set Botanical Gardens in the world. Horton Plains National Park is the only Park situated in the hill country and the highest plateau in the island and an admirable our and a paradise for nature lovers, hikers and bird watching.


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Bird Watching

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Hiking & Trekking

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Rooms & Facilities

Our beautifully crafted rooms are so vivacious and delightful, bestowingauthentic views of Mount Pedro and breath taking sight of a lush green tea estate. You will relish the magnificence as soon as you camp in. The modern cosy beds will make sure that you will have a fantastic rest with a wonderful wake up on a very cheerful note to enjoy the next day. Relax in a chair or enjoy your tea! Please make you-self at home. Every room has an attached bathroom with hot water facility for your utmost comfort so you can truly cherish the time with us.

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